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Freedom of Information Act

An individual may request information and records available to the public.

Submit a written request which includes the following:  name, address, date, and a daytime phone number. 

The description of the information sought should include sufficient detail so that the Library can find the requested records.  Providing as much information as possible will expedite the search process. Requests may be submitted by mail, fax, personal delivery, or email.

Mail requests to: Carlock Public Library District, Attn: FOIA Officer, PO Box 39, Carlock, IL 61725

Fax requests to:  (309) 376-4027. Attn: FOIA Officer

Email requests to: Attn: FOIA Officer  

Personal delivery: 202 E. Washington Street, Carlock, IL. Attn: FOIA Officer

Please specify whether the records requested are to be inspected at our office or to be copied.  If you desire that any records be certified, please specify which ones.  If inspected, a Library District employee must be present throughout the inspection.  Records will be made available for inspection by appointment at the address listed above Monday through Thursday 10 am through 5 pm, excluding holidays.

The office will respond to a written request within 5 business days of receipt of the request.  An extension of an additional 5 business days, as allowed by statute, may be necessary to properly respond.  If such an extension is necessary, the Library will notify the requestor in writing of the statutory reasons for the extension and when the requested information will be produced.

A “business day” is a regular day of the week (Monday through Friday).  Saturdays, Sundays, and state holidays are not business days and cannot be counted in the 5 days time period.

If a request is denied, the requestor will be informed in writing.  The denial letter must be in writing and reference a specific legal reason under FOIA to justify the non-disclosure.  The denial must also inform the requestor of the right to seek review of the issue by the Attorney General’s Public Access Counselor, as well as the right to seek judicial review by filing a court case.

Fees for the actual cost of reproducing the requested records will be charged as follows:

For traditional black and white, letter, or legal-sized copies, the first 50 pages are free.

Additional pages are 20 cents each.